Body and luxury car construction Axthelm

Logo body factory AxthelmYou can now read more information about how the court manufacturer Paul Axthelm came from coach building to body and luxury car building – just visit our family stories pages.

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Carriage builder in our family

Carriage "Phaeton" Darr & Axthelm

At our Family Stories you can now read some interesting background information about the carriage building company Darr & Axthelm.

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Pastor Axthelm and the pulpit in Eckartsberga

pulpit in Eckartsberga

© Parish area Eckartsberga and surroundings


You can now read a report about Pastor Axthelm, his ministry in the Eckartsberga parish and the old pulpit in the Eckartsberga church HERE in the family stories.

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Newspaper article about clan meeting 2016

Now online is the newspaper article from the newspaper “Thüringer Allgemeine” about the Axthelm Sippentreffen in Ostramondra-Rettgenstedt on May 21, 2016 with the inauguration of the restored old clan monument.

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Axthelm’s dumplings for Goethe

Thuringian dumplings

© Wikipedia, Sebastian Wallroth / CC BY

In an article of 1988, German newspaper DIE ZEIT reported about Lena Louise Axthelm, who was a cook of German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Here you can read everything about her attempt to make the delicacy Thuringian dumplings palatable for the writer Goethe.

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Newspaper article of 1939

Clan lindenOn the website you can now find a newspaper article from the year Jahr 1939 concerning the first big clan meeting and the old Axthelm memorial stone under the Luther linden tree in Ostramondra, Germany.

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First post on family stories

Von Axthelm Wappen bunt - Aquarell, Dobrà Voda, um 1860

In the future family stories will be published on this website, that’s why you can find a new category at the menu on top.

We begin with the backgrounds of the Bavarian noble line “von Axthelm”.

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Signet ring has arrived

Now there are signet rings available for proud family members 🙂

Axthelm signet ring on the hand

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Where does the word Axthelm come from?

2nd Research Report” width=”400″ height=”111″ />The next research report is now online at the Family Chronicle section. It is about the origin of the name Axthelm. Thanks a lot to Fred Axthelm for the help with translating.

[…] It is clear from all this that the name Axthelm originally belongs to the device-names and points out to an activity, which could correspond to that of a carpenter […]

Here you can read the research report “The etymology of the name Axthelm”

2nd Research Report


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Research reports, shop and donation page

Hello dear Axhelms,

the last few weeks have been quiet on the website. But don’t worry, that’s because we’ve prepared the following new pages for you:

At this point, a big thanks you goes to Ekkehard Axthelm for providing us the scanned research reports of his father Heinz Axthelm.

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