What should our family archive look like?

In this area, the existing documents of the Axthelm family archive will be published.

The arrangement on this website will roughly comply with the structure of the family archive which was planned in the 1930s by the Axthelm Clan Association. According to that, the following categories will be listed on the website:

Here you can read the translation of the original German text by Heinz Axthelm for the formerly planned family achive:

What should our FAMILY ARCHIVE look like?

What should our FAMILY ARCHIVE look like, Axthelm archive and chronicle

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Volume I – Beginnings: First clan meetings

Volume II – Circular letters and correspondence

  1. Circular letters
  2. Correspondence
  3. Questionnaire
  4. Certificate documents

Volume III – The Research on the lineage Axthelm

  1. The historical enlightenment of the family legends.
  2. The etymology of the name Axthelm.
  3. The historically examined heraldicfoundations of the coat of arms occurring in the lineage Axthelm.
  4. Genesis of the lineage Axthelm in the context of its national history. Attempt of a presentation.
  5. Oldest Axthelms lineages (a peasant people).
  6. The family Axthelm (and its lineages)

Volume IV Judgments

Volume V – Current correspondence

  1. Clan “Georg”
  2. Clan “Caspar”
  3. Clan “Lorenz”
  4. Clan “Dietrich”

Volume VI – First clan meeting (Pentecost 1939)

Volume VII – Clan monument

Volume VIII – General

  1. Annex and outline
  2. The pedigrees
  3. The family trees
  4. Addresses of persons and authorities, where information is possibly to be found.
  5. Index of relevant literature
  6. Compilation of pictures and furniture, which is owned by other families, but is valuable for the Axthelm family.
  7. Statistical data.
  8. Booking of expenses for purchases that have been made for family history and research.
  9. Directory and addresses of all living members of the family.

Volume IX – The male members of the family.

  1. Biographies
  2. General personal papers (birth and baptism certificates, confirmation certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, death certificates, receipts for citizenship, coat of arms and patents of nobility, various other certificates)
  3. School and university papers and certificates
  4. Military papers and officer patents
  5. Papers of Awards for a charge or a title
  6. Certificates about medal awards
  7. Membership cards of parties, clubs, societies
  8. Documents about ownership
  9. Marriage contracts
  10. Rental agreements
  11. Life insurance policies or papers on other insurances and tax assessments
  12. Invoices of the family (interesting objects, especially heirlooms)
  13. Medical certificates and records of diseases
  14. Passports, travel and war reports, etc.
  15. Small verses and poems and small literary work
  16. Important or interesting private letter correspondence, correspondence with agencies
  17. Lawsuits and agreements
  18. Birth-, engagement-, marriage annunciations and obituaries
  19. Visiting and invitation cards, menu cards, dance cards, etc.
  20. Reports of orders and companies, celebrations, family gatherings etc.
  21. Newspaper clippings about the person concerned or about him
  22. Wills
  23. List of references and directory of all existing papers

Volume X – The women of the family (including their clan sheets)

Annex as in Volume IX.

Volume XI – The daughters of the family (with descendant lists)

Annex as in Volume IX and X.

Volume XII – The Men married into the family

  1. About their family and background; pedigrees, biographic notes about them, their offspring and their family
  2. Alphabetical overview of the named persons

Volume XII – The Pedigrees

  1. The pedigrees of the family members
  2. The pedigrees of the women of the family
  3. The persons of the pedigrees

Volume XIV – The lineages of the Pedigrees

  1. Their flow sheets
  2. Historical overview with information about origin

Volume XV – The portraits of the clan “Georg”

  1. The portraits of the family members (live generation)
  2. The portraits of the persons of the pedigrees
  3. The portraits of the men and descendants of the daughters
  4. The portraits of the clan sheets

Volume XVI – The portraits of the clan “Caspar”

Annex as in Volume XV

Volume XVII – The portraits of the clan “Lorenz”

Annex as in Volume XV

Volume XVIII – The portraits of the clan “Dietrich”

Annex as in Volume XV

Volume XIX – Illustrations of land, residential buildings, furniture

Volume XX – The material conditions

  1. The land property, its history, determination of its descent
  2. Movable property; its application, determination of its descent
  3. The jewelry and the silverware; about purchase, its owners and descent
  4. Valuable furniture, small appliances and collections; about original and sentimental value and tenant descent

Volume XXI – The costume and garb volume (images and descriptions)

Volume XXII – Collection of the family newspaper

Volume XXIII Family stories (anecdotes, tales, etc.)

Volume XXIV – Local stories and local coats of arms

  1. Local Stories of the places the individual families hail from
  2. Likewise local coat of arms
  3. Images of towns
  4. Maps (home and district maps) with names of the residences

Volume XXV – Files

  1. Index of persons (all persons mentioned in the volumes)
  2. Source index
  3. Index of living family members, relatives and relatives by marriage

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