Coat of arms certificate


In the past (1930s), there were many forms of Axthelm coat of arms in circulation. Most of them seemed to have one similarity: a long thin stick (representing an “Axthelm” [handle of an axe]).
During this time, pastor Heinz Axthelm asked everyone having such a coat of arms for the origin of it. He also studied public books and armorials.
The result of this was, that none of these coats of arms was incorporated. The only official one was the bavarian nobility coat of arms “von Axthelm” (with a yellow baton on azur ground and a lion on it). But only the family members of the nobility line “von Axthelm” are allowed to use this coat of arms.
For this reason the Axthelm family had a wish to have a coat of arms for every Axthelm, being not related to the “von Axthelm” nobility line. So together with heraldic institutes they created the Axthelm farmer coat of arms, containing the handle of an axe and an acorn.

The farmer coat of arms

On this page you can find the coat of arms certificate. This is the translation of the original German text:

Axthelm coat of arms certificate

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1591 – 1938

The acorn: it is a symbol for the century-lasting indigenousity of the Axthelm family.

The axe handle: it is the image representation of the name Axthelm.

Handed over from the “Reichsbauernführer” [i.e. Reich Sustenance Corporation or federal farmers association] to the Axthelm lineage and has been incorporated to the armorial with no. 325.

Every bearer of the name Axthelm and every first-degree relative has the right to maintain this coat of arms, if he can provide evidence of this document with signet and signature. This document is to be classified as a certificate.

Rettgenstedt in September 1938

Heinz Axthelm

Read further information in the research report “Heraldic foundations of the coats of arms”