Carriage factory Darr & Axthelm

Carriage "Phaeton" Darr & Axthelm

Carriage “Phaeton” Darr & Axthelm

The Darr & Axthelm company was founded as a vehicle construction company on April 5, 1869 in Eisenach Germany.
Since its ten-year existence, the company has developed from the smallest beginnings into a very efficient factory. Especially for better car construction, the products are gaining more and more recognition at home and abroad.
A carriage built in 1892 is preserved in the Auerstedt Carriage Museum (Thuringia). The Mecklenburg Carriage Museum in Kobrow houses a landaulet from around 1890 by D. & A.

Paul Axthelm separated from Darr around 1897 and founded a new company in Weimar.

Darr & Axthelm LogoIn 1907, Darr in Eisenach had got into economic difficulties, so machines began to be sold out.
In 1908 Darr committed suicide (the “Centralblatt der Wagenbauer” reported that the carriage maker Darr from the Darr & Axthelm company had disappeared without a trace. Darr, “whose company is world-famous”, had committed suicide).
In 1909 all workers are laid off and the company is closed.
The company Darr & Axthelm, Eisenach, Nonnengasse 3, is mentioned in the address book for the last time in 1909. It was obviously taken over by the carriage builder Christian Klein, who lived in 1910 with the widow Darr in Nonnengasse 3 – the company existed until the 1930s.

Carriage "Mylord" Darr & Axthelm

Carriage “Mylord” Darr & Axthelm








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