Heraldic foundations of the coats of arms

3rd research report by Heinz Axthelm, 1938.

3rd Research Report

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The heraldic foundations of the Axthelm coats of arms historically examined.

  1. Stories being told about Axthelm coats of arms and their origin.

  2. The common of all these coats of arms.

  3. Explanation of the errors on the basis of the individual coats of arms (a criticism).

    a) About the coat of arms of the “Family Axthelm year 1590”.
    b) The misleading by the coat of arms of the Silesian noble family “von Axleben”.
    c) The coat of arms of the senior forestry official Axthelm.
    d) The coat of arms of the Bavarian noble lineage “von Axthelm”.

  4. The new coat of arms

    a) Basic questions about crest acceptance.
    b) Presentation of the new coat of arms.

  5. Authorization for the use of the new coat of arms.

1938.        Heinz Axthelm

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