Noble line “von Axthelm”

We can find the first hints on the Bavarian noble line “von Axthelm” in the first research report:

[The nobility title being awarded to a single branch of our family] “had its origin in the rise of farmer’s son Johannes Andreas to the Captain Johann Andrä Axthelm, according to his marrying into a noble line the condition of the collection of lineage created in the peerage. His son was then later – as reported above – officially awarded the patent nobility.”

In this research report, the part containing a legend of Swedish origin is being refuted. Hereinafter you can read the historical facts of the Bavarian noble line.

Rise from farmer’s son to nobility officer

Johann Andrä Axthelm (born in Sep. 1718 as Johannes Andreas)

  • His father was already in electoral Saxon military services (Source: Friedrich Voigt, German Nobility Lexicon 1859, p. 156)
  • Sous Lieutenant in the Infantry Regiment Prince Clemens
  • 1762 electoral Saxon Grenadier Captain in Regiment of Prince Clemens Infantry
  • 27.03.1769 married into noble officer circles
  • 1776 General Staff Officer in Bavarian Services
  • wounded in battle near Lofer (Tyrol)
  • took over organization of the Bavarian postal service

(Source: Heinz A., 1st research report 2b 1938)

Awarding of the nobility title

Ernst Gottlieb Heinrich von Axthelm (born 03.08.1770)


  • Son of Johann Andrä Axthelm
  • Royal Bavarian Postmaster & Legion Council in Nuremberg
  • 13.04.1814 – Bavarian nobility awarding in Munich
  • 18.06.1814 – Admission to the nobility class & award of the coat of arms
  • Officer of the French Legion of Honor
  • Owner of the goods Reichenschwand, Oberndorf and Leuzenberg

(Source: Heinz A., Appx. 5th research report 1938)

Nobility coat of arms “von Axthelm”

Von Axthelm coat of arms color - watercolor, Dobrà Voda, around 1860

  • “Nobility Certificate by King Max I […] April 1814”
  • “A hovering obliquely placed golden staff or narrow beam on blue ground “
  • “On the helmet a growing yellow lion with a slaughter-ax in his paws”

(Source: J. Siebmacher’s big and common coat of arms book, Ed. O.T.v. Hefner 1857)

Use of the “von Axthelm” coat of arms

  • “Only the members of this ennobled line” can display this coat of arms
  • Descent from the first coat of arms bearer necessary (Ernst Gottlieb Heinrich von A.)
    • Relationship before the first coat of arms bearer does not matter
    • Direct descent from the first coat of arms bearer must be given

(Source: Heinz A., 3rd research report 3d, 1938)

At that time, the nobility coat of arms laid the foundation for designing the “farmer coat of arms Axthelm” for the other lines of the family. Further information can be found in the 3rd research report.

Prominent member of the “von Axthelm” lineWalther von Axthelm

Walther M. H. W. von Axthelm (born 23.12.1893)

(Source: Wikipedia)

Future of the nobility line uncertain

According to our current knowledge, the last member of the Bavarian nobility line died in 2017 unfortunately. We express our deep condolences to the relatives.

Gabriele von Axthelm, née Schenk († 2017)Obituary Gabriele von Axthelm

  • she was daughter-in-law of Walther von Axthelm
  • Gabriele had three children (daughters)
  • All daughters have now adopted the name of the husband


(Source: B. Staudinger, son in law of Gabriele von A.)

Thus, by our knowledge, no one is currently continuing the Bavarian noble family, unfortunately.

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