Body factory Axthelm

The co-founder of the carriage factory Darr & Axthelm named Paul Axthelm had separated from his business partner Darr around 1897 and founded a new company in Weimar.

Axthelm continued the carriage business

Logo Paul Axthelm Weimar

The company developed very well for Axthelm in Weimar. In the Centralblatt der Wagenbauer we find in 1907: “The Grand Duke has given the court carriage manufacturer Paul Axthelm-Weimar permission to accept and use the title” Prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt Supplier to the Court “awarded to him by the Prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt.

Carriage by Paul Axthelm Weimar

In the beginning, Axthelm developed carriages as before. The specialty of the Axthelm carriage shown here on the right is that it can be easily adjusted as a two- or four-seater. You can also drive this carriage with one horse or two.

Body and luxury car construction Axthelm in Weimar, Germany

Motorized carriages later replaced horse-drawn carriages in almost all areas. They were significantly faster, managed longer distances and had a higher performance. Because of this, Axthelm settled more and more in body and luxury car construction. In the following you can find some impressions.

Logo body and luxury car construction Axthelm


Axthelm, Draft 1911

Body Axthelm, Draft 1911

Axthelm, Protos Type C sedan, 1923

Body Axthelm, Protos Type C sedan, 1923

In the “Telephone Address Book for the German Reich” (34th edition October 1924, business directory, weapons page I / 263) the following entry can be found in the category 2751 wagon factories. It seems that the management of Axthelm Karosserie- und Luxuswagenbau had meanwhile gone to Carl Müller.

Address book 1924, carriage factories in Weimar Germany




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