2016 – Newspaper article of the clan meeting

The Axthelms gather at the origin in Ostramondra-Rettgenstedt

From “Thüringer Allgemeine, 24.05.2016” by Armin Burghardt

Memorial to a peasant family proven for 425 years – inaugurated in a new place after being destroyed in the 1960s

group photo clan meeting 2016

Of course, a photo session was also planned at the clan meeting. The Axthelms took up positions in the parish garden – before the monument to the peasant family was inaugurated. Photo: Armin Burghardt

Ostramondra. Additions to the list of monuments are rather rare. And what was officially inaugurated on Saturday in Ostramondra will probably not make it into the official list of the Lower Monument Protection Authority in the district.

It is still remarkable. It is dedicated to the 425th anniversary of the Axthelm peasant family.

Otto Gräfe built it, his wife Verena is a native Axthelm. Built from 2.02 cubic meters of quarry stones in 45 hours of impeccable precision craftsmanship. “These are all 200 year old field stones. You can still see the lime on some of them,” he says.

It was finished on Friday. Some women around Christina Axthelm quickly planted the memorial lined with a small stone block. It was exactly the same as Pastor Heinz Axthelm from 1939 handed down. At that time, on his initiative, there had already been an Axthelm monument. “It was where the bus stop is now,” says Herta Keil. It was destroyed in 1963. At that time, her father Martin had saved the sandstone tablet with the coat of arms from the rubble and kept it in the garden. The property, recalls Christina Axthelm, became something of a place of pilgrimage for close and distant relatives. “The mayor always sent them to us. Americans were there five times,” she says.

There could be no mistake. It has been proven that all Axthelms – Pastor Heinz Axthelm speaks of descendants and branches first in Bachra, Olbersleben, Kleinneuhausen, Gorsleben and later in Beichlingen, Donndorf, Dermsdorf, Kölleda, Wipfra, Coburg, Erfurt and Peine – their departure from Ostramondra-Rettgenstedt and by Georg, Caspar, Lorenz and Dietrich Axthelm.

At some point Erich Axthelm had the idea to rebuild the memorial stone.

Karl-Ulrich Axthelm from Zeitz drove the project of a new family reunion, 77 years after the monument was built.

Name collection for old family photo was done

Inquiries were made and it was said that such a construction was only possible on private property.

The opportunity for implementation opened up when Kai Axthelm decided to convert the former department store in Ostramondra into a farm shop. At the entrance to it, there is now the Axthelm memorial stone on the Axthelm floor. And over the place where
Gartenberg, there is also the kelp tree and a boulder. It was supposed to be the memorial stone. Several cousins ​​of Axthelm, 44 hundredweights, had dragged him from Memleben. After various approvals, the Prussian provincial commissioner for nature conservation and monument preservation in Magdeburg the use of the boulder. The first memorial in quarrystone had to be redesigned in just twelve days.

On Saturday there was now an enlarged photo of the 1939 family meeting for the new edition, on it over 100 people. Herta Keil can assign 17 people by name. “This is the pastor, Heinz. My father Martin. And this is Fritz Höhns.” The back then 7-year-old later became mayor of Ostramondra. He gave one of the lectures on Saturday.

Around 100 Axthelms and née Axthelms now came together and completed the list of those depicted in the old photo. Now they know 70 names.

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