“As suspicious as some may be when it comes to money – not only the new beginning requires financial effort, but also the further work” (Heinz Axthelm, circular letter May 1981).

If you like our Axthelm Clan website, we would be highly amazed about your financial support. We depend on your help, since we privately cover all the costs by now.

The following expenses have already been made:

  • $59.89 USD Domain registration for 5 years
  • $3,45 USD MySQL database costs
  • $32.99 USD TNG 12.0 online family tree software

Future expenses:

  • Plugin extensions for the website
  • Transcribing of very long texts from traditional documents
  • Maintenance / Planting at the Axthelm Sippenstein in Ostramondra, Germany
  • Preparation / booking for future Axthelm Clan gatherings